Easy to reach

Easy to reach

St Anton is just 5 km away from the nearest motorway, so it’s easy to get here by car. The distance from Brussels to St Anton is 816 km, which means you can get here in just 7.5 to 8 hours. If you prefer to take the train, you’ll arrive in the centre of the town. Innsbruck airport is just an hour away by car, Zurich airport is 2 hours away, and getting here from Munich airport takes around 2.5 hours by car.

By car

You’ll need a vignette to drive on Austrian motorways and on the S16. You can buy this vignette from the petrol stations near the border. There are 3 types of vignette available: 10 days, 2 months or 1 year.

Please note that snow chains are mandatory in some parts of Austria and absolutely essential if you’re planning to drive across the country. The speed limits are 130 km/h on motorways, 100 km/h on main roads and 50 km/h in towns and cities.

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